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7th Symposium on Carbon Nanomaterials Biology, Medicine & Toxicology

Chief OrganizerEmmanuel Flahaut (CNRS, France)
Local Organizer Dominik Eder (TU Wien, Austria)
OrganizerAlberto Bianco (CNRS, France)
OrganizerKostas Kostarelos (University of Manchester, UK)
OrganizerMasako Yudasaka (AIST, Japan)
Advisory BoardDal-Hee Min (Seoul National University, Korea)
Advisory BoardZhuang Liu (Soochow University, China)


Keynote Speaker


Invited Speakers



This satellite symposium will focus on the specific applications of nanocarbons (fullerene, nanotube, graphene, nanohorn, etc.) in the biomedical fields.


  • Basic biology (Molecular-level interaction of nanocarbons with biological materials, cells, and tissues, etc.)
  • Therapy (Drug/gene delivery, Photo-hyperthermia, Pharmacokinetics, etc.)
  • Diagnostics (Imaging, Sensor, Critical assay, etc.)
  • Nanotoxicology (Mechanisms, Toxicokinetics, etc)
  • Medical devices (Actuator, Robot, Pacemaker, etc.)
  • Tissue engineering
  • Environmental risk
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