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The Arcade Courtyard (Ⓒ Uni. Wien)

On 12 March 1365 Duke Rudolph IV ("the Founder") founded the University of Vienna, "Alma Mater Rudolphina Vindobonensis" as it has been called by literary sources, along the lines of the Sorbonne in Paris. The University celebrates its 650th Anniversary in 2015.

Due to its central location in the historical center of Vienna with excellent mass transit connections, the main building of the University of Vienna is a sought-after venue for national and international congresses and conventions. The building was designed in the style of historicism by architect Heinrich von Ferstel and inaugurated in 1884.

Alongside the central administration, the main building also houses the University Library, as well as several institutes and administrative bodies. Further research and teaching facilities of the University of Vienna are located at 60 different sites throughout the city, notably including the Faculty of Physics where physics luminaries such as Ludwig Boltzmann, Lise Meitner and Erwin Schrödinger worked and taught.

The 650th Anniversary Celebrations

The History of the Faculty of Physics


Conference Facilities

The Great Festival Room (Ⓒ Uni. Wien)

The largest auditory of the University (Audimax) will be used for the main conference. The hall features comfortable seats, fully modern audiovisual equipment, and has a capacity of 800 people. Convenient and fast-speed internet access is provided to the participants.

The welcoming ceremony and the lunches will take place in the green Arcade Courtyard, where in the warm season an open air cafeteria lures those in need of a moment of repose. Busts and statues under the arcades keep the memory of renowned university professors alive.

The fully disabled-accessible hall, which also features a modern info-center, leads to the green Arcade Courtyard. The main Assembly Hall, and the two lateral Assembly halls can be used for stands and exhibitions.

The poster sessions will take place at the The Great Festival Room, which offers a dignified backdrop for graduation ceremonies and other festive functions. The ceiling is decorated with reproductions of faculty paintings by the painters Gustav Klimt and Franz Matsch.

The Conference Facilities

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