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Laser-decomposition of water enhanced by graphitic materials

Miyamoto, Yoshiyuki (JPN); Zhang, Hong (JPN); Cheng, Xinlu (JPN); Rubio, Angel (ZZZ)

Water decomposition is one of promising ways for production of hydrogen ful which can be alternative to current fossil fuel for saving environment. We have studied water decomposition with short laser pulse (FWHM=10fs, 800nm) by performing the molecular-dynamics simulation combined with the time-dependent density functional theory. The simulation gave the threshold intensity of the laser E-field as 9 V/Å for an isolated water molecule, which is reduced into 6 V/Å when water molecules are above either graphene or above hBN, and reduced into 7 V/Å when water molecules are above gC3N4. In this presentation, we will discuss possible mechanisms of the reduction of threshold intensity of laser E-field and potential applications.

This work was supported by Science of Atomic Layers (SATL), Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research for Innovative Areas by MEXT, Japan.

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